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Slender Fender - The Universal Wheelchair Fender

The Slender Fender is a new, patent-pending system. It is a universally-fitting fender that fits on just about any major commercial wheelchair brand, sitting comfortably in place to either side of a wheelchair seat, resting on vertical posts beside the arm rests.

Unique Benefits

The Slender Fender helps to deflect dirt and mud from kicking off the wheels onto the person and solves the larger problem of keeping sleeves clean and free from rubbing against the wheels. Plus, as the name implies, the sleek slenderness of the fender allows it to stay in place at all times, not having to remove and re-install it every time the person leaves and re-enters the chair.

Design and Installation

The fender with its vertical slotted post and post clamp receiver has all been specially designed for ease-of-installation onto a variety of wheelchair brands. Plus, you don't need to purchase all the pieces if you don't need to. Some wheelchair systems may already have the clamp or receiver, wherein only the fender itself needs to be purchased. For instance, if you already have a pair of flat mudguards, you can remove them and installed the Slender Fender directly on the remaining vertical post.

The fender consists of a top and bottom radius, with the top radius accommodating 20" to 26" wheel diameters and running parallel with the tire's tread. It has a perpendicular lip and is adjustable in both vertical and horizontal planes, assuring you a perfect fit to your wheel.

The Slender Fender has been designed to cover the propulsion wheel tread surface, yet not interfering with the push rim at all, so you can always ride smooth.

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What our customers have said:

When we were making decisions for the design and purchase of our son's wheelchair we didn't give much thought to the details of the fenders compared to other parts such as the seat and wheels.

But we've really come to appreciate Ed's Slender Fender product as time has passed. They're wonderfully designed, protecting clothing from getting caught in the wheel or getting dirty. For someone in a manual wheelchair, their hands and arms do the job of the feet and without the Slender Fender our son's sleeves would definitely have ended up like our shoes do - getting dirty and wet from snow, road salt, dirt and whatever else that might get on his wheels!

Ed's fender is also easy to remove and reinstall for cleaning and transportation which is always a plus! The slim, compact design doesn't impede Adil's propelling abilities and that is very important to us and to him because it increases his independence and as well as his self-esteem. We are very happy with the Slender Fender product and Ed's honest and knowledgeable advice!

- Parents of Adil H.
Little girl using wheelchair with Slender Fender installed
Hi, my name is Meagan and I'm 9 years old.

Ed has been giving me wheels since I was one year old! My bigger chairs have had a great invention by Ed to keep my sleeves clean and my mom's laundry bill low. My wheelchair wheels can get really dirty in the rain and snow, or when I go "cross-country" with it :)

Ed invented the wheel fender to stop the wheels from rubbing on my sleeves and from splashing my other clothes. I have had three chairs now with those great fenders! I even get to choose my own colours! Yay for Ed's fantastic fenders!

- Meagan from Ottawa, ON
Slender Fender is used on my daughter Taylor's wheelchair. Without this protection, her lower arms and sleeves on her tops were getting dirty, at times even washing could not get the stains out of her clothes, therefore ruining them.

This fender certainly protects from water/ mud splashing up in rainy conditions, keeping herself and the seat cushion clean.

I would recommend Slender Fender, it is light weight and can be put on and removed with ease!

- Susan Q.
Stittsville, Ontario
Little girl using wheelchair with Slender Fender installed
The fenders look great, and are very sleek. They are very easy to put on, and to take off when I take the wheelchair apart. They sure keep my clothes clean, and keep them out of the wheels. They really are a great accessory for the wheelchair, but I wouldn't call them an option. I'd call them a necessity! I haven't tried any others, but they must be the best!

I'm really excited about Ed's plans because the product is so great. This is going to take off, partly because they will universally work with all wheelchairs. I'm glad that Ed's success will also be a local success because he hopes to manufacture here in Ottawa, and deal with local suppliers.

Way to go, Ed! All the best in this. You deserve it, because the Slender Fenders are fabulous!

- Katrina B.